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Raised in a local family here in Syracuse, New York, I have had many jobs as a child, from your local fast food restaurants to becoming involved in local union halls, I was trying to figure out what to do with my life and what type of legacy I wanted to leave behind.

As I grew older and started my own family, I wanted my children to have the best of everything. I do not want them to ever feel afraid or unsure of how to be able to hold their own in this world, with the typical school, college, resume building and job searching that will allow them to take care of their family someday.

Well those days of finding long term, secure employment here in New York is a lot harder now, with the loss of big companies to support our economic growth. So with a dream and a lot of drive, I decided to enter the open retail market as a pioneer of sorts, making recipes, trying, sampling, and lots of experimentation with pickled products: Perfectly Pickled Products that is!

My hard work and devotion has made us a household name in this area, with the help of Cornell University, Upstate labs, and a close friend, I was able to achieve this amazing feeling of success. Now my family can walk down the grocery store isle and be proud. They can also tell their friends that, hey that’s my dad’s products on that store shelf. When that day approaches and my corporation is handed down to my children, Then I did my job, I left my mark, I fulfilled my legacy. I will be a proud man, to know I’ve provided a fresh start for my boys.

We here at P3 look forward to your business, helping a local family to become a success and achieve our dream and giving my children a strong business here in CNY, that they too can be proud owners of.

A special thanks to my family. Melanie, Anthony , and Matthew. Also James & Donna Toscano for all their support.

From The Kitchen of P3,

Michael T Trudell
President of Perfectly Pickled Products llc.


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